pk’s french toast

pk's french toast recipeI was just a little guy when I scribble-scribed my very first recipe (shown below).

Sure, I left a lot of details out… but that was before I gained my strength of sharing (a.k.a. my mighty mouth).

Below are my instructions for how to properly turn mere egg into a super egg~great thing.

i. ingredientsingredients for my french toast recipe
(for one serving)

1 | slice of bread (I used pane paisano)
1 | organic egg
1 tablespoon | milk
1 pat | falfurrias brand butter
to serve | your favorite syrup
to serve | powdered sugar (optional)

ii. what to do

0. Warm a griddle (or a frying pan) over medium to medium-high heat. I have a griddle, so I’m using that.

1. Break egg into a mixing bowl and add milk. Mix very well with a whisk.

2. Drop the pat of butter on the griddle. Let it melt. You might need to “help” it spread to the shape of your bread.

3. Take your slice of bread and dip each side into the egg mixture until well coated.

4. Place the coated bread dipping the bread and cooking it on the griddle
on the griddle and cook each side until golden brown. If you have any extra egg, you can sprinkle it on top of the bread as it cooks. The artisan paisano bread I used had some holes in it so I had fun adding extra egg into the holes. Wheee!

5. Serve warm and top with a generous portion of syrup.

Foodie Tips ~

  My favorite syrup? Any roasted pecan flavored syrup, like this one from Blackberry Patch.

  My favorite bread? The artisan pane paisano from Empire Baking here in Dallas.

  Surprise your taste buds by experimenting with sweet and savory ingredients to sprinkle on top (like fresh fruits) or add to the egg mixture (like diced jalapeños).

1970s french toast

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