corn fritters

Before Twitter, There Was The Fritter

delicious corn fritters

If you knew me when I was a young pup, in addition to finding me shy, you’d also consider me a great bad-gift-giver.

One Christmas I gave my family (ahem, let’s be clear… MYSELF) the Activision Skiing video game (see the mind-numbing action here). Me aside, a Kiker family flop. Probably the worst gift I gave anyone ever, was when I gave dad a butter slicer for his birthday.

A butter slicer? What was I thinking. More importantly, what was dad thinking?

behold dad's butter slicerI still have the butter slicer (at left) and while it sat dormant in my kitchen drawer during my college and early-adult years, it now makes a debut in my kitchen every week or two when perfect butter slices are a must. And perfect butter slices are always a must.

I have to admit the butter slicer is really handy… especially for days like today when I whipped-up a batch of these savory and delicious corn fritters. I’ve heard of fritters, but reuniting with these gave me the good-time jitters… I loved them and watched my belly swell with pride as I popped these out of the skillet and into my mouth.

Thank goodness I found this recipe in mom’s cookbook.

When was the last time you enjoyed a fritter?

i. ingredientsthe ingredients for making your own tasty corn fritters

17 ounce can | del monte brand family style corn
1 | cage free egg
2-1/3 cups | all-purpose biscuit mix
salad oil
to taste | syrup
to taste | butter

ii. what to do

1. Heat 2-3 inches of oil to 375°F in a heavy skillet.

2. Pour liquid from corn into medium-sized mixing bowl.

3. Add egg and biscuit mix; stir until smooth. Fold in corn.

4. Drop tablespoonfuls of batter into hot oil. Fry to golden brown, turning once.

5. Drain on paper towels.

flying up the corn fritters6. Serve jitters hot with syrup and a slight brushing of butter.

Shivver, Me Fritters!

Foodie Tips ~

 Salad oil is vegetable, canola, peanut, sunflower or the like.

 Serve with syrup + BUTTER = Yes! (remember to make it Falfurrias brand butter per Nanny). You can melt the butter and brush it atop the fritter just before dipping it in your favorite syrup. De-li-cious!

I haven’t tried this yet, but I bet the fritters are also great with a dusting of powdered sugar.

A 17 ounce can of corn? They come in 15.25 ounce cans these days. Go figure.

corn fritters spectacular

mom's corn fritters recipe