old family photos

I have armfuls of family photos here near me. Several pictures are of people I don’t recognize and they clearly date back into the 1800s. Below are a few of my favorites! 

Mouse Over Pics ~ To view photo captions.
Click Pics ~ To enter gallery mode.
Toggle Left & Right ~ To enjoy the pop-up gallery.
Scroll Up & Down ~ To read gallery photo details and view XXL pics! 

2 Comments on “old family photos”

  1. Shannon Annerino says:

    So fun looking through your old family photos! And I cannot wait wait to peruse through all of the wonderful recipes. What an awesome tribute to your mom and thoughtful contribution to our bellies. Thanks PK!


    • Sous Chef says:

      Thanks, Shannon! I’ve been adding more pics here and will let you know when I’m finished (will I ever be “finished?”) Until then, CLEAN THOSE PLATES and keep on cookin’! In that order!


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